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Hello my name is Joyce Bassett and I invite you to read about the programs we will be teaching at the Women Teaching Women learning center.  The center uses breakthrough techniques with high involvement and accelerated learning technologies so that the dentist and their team members learn more and achieve maximum results.

The change in your practice is immediate and permanent.

We have a program that when incorporated into your practice your income and productivity will increase and your stress will decrease.

About the course.

This course will provide you with the tips, techniques and material recommendations that will allow you to restore smiles to their natural beauty.  It will also give you the network and knowledge to practice with confidence.

What will you learn?

Confidence to sell and perform smile design cases at or within the zone of passing the AACD clinical accreditation criteria.

The systematic approach focuses on the thought process so you learn and can apply these principles to all your cases.

The learning environment is safe, nurturing and located in Scottsdale, AZ.

Who will teach you?

AACD accredited members.

About the Instructors.

Joyce Bassett, DDS of Scottsdale Arizona teams up with Lynn Jones, DDS of Seattle, Washington and Sue Leblanc, DDS of Hammond,  Louisiana to provide a broad range of technical, academic, and clinical skills necessary in today's highly competitive world of cosmetic dentistry. We are inviting all accredited AACD members to join our faculty.






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