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There are 2 ways to take Dr. Bassett's course:
1. In a class environment with multiple students
2. In a one-on-one environment
This course is designed for the general practitioner who desires a one-on-one hands-on learning experience in cosmetic dentistry.  Each dentist will restore an cosmetic case on his or her own patient under the direct supervision of Dr. Joyce Bassett at her dental office.
Advantages for participants:
* You will learn by actually doing the procedures in a controlled environment utilizing one of your own patients.  In addition you may bring your dental assistant who will also be trained at the same time.
* This course is given on Fridays since most dentists take off that day.  Therefore, there is no loss of production in your office.
* You will strengthen your relationships with your laboratory technician.
*You will be able to perform restorative cosmetic dentistry with confidence allowing you to incorporate a new procedure with the potential to increase your production exponentially.

Requirements for case approval:

1. A current full mouth series of radiographs
2. A full mouth periodontal charting
3. No joint pathology, pain, or occlusal dysfunction.
4. Maxillary and manidibular diagnostic casts.
5. A narrative report outlining your treatment plan with your patients anticipated goals.
6. Photographs of your patient. Please include a portrait showing their natural smile and an identically framed retracted view portrait  displaying the teeth to be restored.
7. AACD before series accreditation photographs on slide or digital.
8. The cases brought to the center are learning cases. They are not to be presented for accreditation review.
9. All necessary equipment and materials will be provided at the course.  You may want to bring preferred magnifications.


Case Selection

8 or 10 units of maxillary anterior veneers or a combination of veneers, crowns, bridges and composite bonding.
You are looking for a case that presents with light discoloration, fluorosis, small diastema closure, worn dentition and minor rotations.

Each dentist will have an AACD accredited member to guide you through the preparation to the insertion of your case. The focus will be on treatment planning, smile design, preparation design, use of preparation guides, impression techniques, temporization and the art of recountouring. State of the art cementation and adhesion techniques along with laboratory communication, practice management, marketing and case presentation skills will be taught.

Patient Selection
 Our experience has shown to be the easiest patients to use in a learning environment is a staff or a family member that is in need of 8-10 veneers. If a staff member is used as your patient this member will have a beautifully restored smile and will aide you in showcasing your cosmetic abilities to future cosmetic patients.

Laboratory Fees
Patrick Dental Studio will bill you for the diagnostic wax-up fee of $50 per unit before the start of the course. The veneer fee of $400 per unit will be paid prior to the insertion of your case at the second session. 
To be determined and based upon the laboratory you choose to build your case.

Temporaries will be made chair side utilizing Luxatemp temporary material created from your wax-up at no extra charge to you.

You and one staff member will be provided with complimentary breakfast and lunch. If you have any dietary restrictions please let us know at once. Our cocktail dinner party will be held on Friday of the course at Dr Bassett's Paradise Valley home.  An authentic Lebanese dinner will be served.  All participants of the course are welcome to attend and the dress code is casual.

Graduation Celebration
Our graduation Celebration will be held on the second Friday at Dr Bassett's Paradise Valley home. An authentic Lebanese dinner will be served. All participants of the course are welcome to attend and the dress code is casual.

Hotel Accommodations
Dr Bassett's 6,000 square foot learning center is on a site adjacent to a hotel. All hotel and travel needs will be coordinated with Mary at the center.




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